Sudhan koirala ( -has a Dynamic, splendor, with mystique personality- is physics student, Politician, Motivational Speaker and researcher, good listener/learnerAs well . He has involved many Program specially related with Astronomy and Astrophysics. He has a good knowledge/experience regarding Astronomy, Astrophysics, and cosmology. He participates in different Outreach program and Summer school program.he also  has good on knowledge LATEX , ALADIN , ORIGIN , and PYTHON programming.

 He Completed B.Sc in Physics At Tri-chandra College Nepal in 2019 A.D. He is also doing Bachelors in Social Science (Political Science). He has received numerous awards  in different fields ( physics related award and social activity award). And he is currently working as a Physics teacher and research on topic “ Far infrared spectroscopy” since last 5 month. Sudhan as contributing in other sector like Social work through BCFA( Better community and family Association) As a volunteer and ADRF Nepal as a Site manager. And Science and technology sector through NASO ( Nepal Astronomical society Organization) NESRA ( Nepalese Space Research Association) and TC Science Club. He has a placid, and innovative mind on Physical and social science.