Mr. Sanjeev Shapkota( is an astir forcible youth currently enrolled at Tribhuvan University(TU) as master’s level  final semester Physics Student.He is also a researcher, entrepreneur, lecturer, Journalist, Motivational speaker, singer,politician along with versatile personality. In his research work he is using the techniques of Density Functional Theory(DFT) to study defects in 2-Dimensional Materials (Graphene, h-BN etc.) also termed as defect engineering. His major subjects includes Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum field theory, Nano-technology particularly the application of Quantum mechanics. With the anticipation to crucify energy crises he studied Global Solar Radiation(GSR) and different Meteorological parameters affecting GSR at different part of Nepal to construe energy crisis problem.

Besides, with the thought for working in development of country and making Nepali product available to all over the world he also started an export company named “Purvanchal Agricultural Export Pvt. Ltd.” and currently he is the chairman of that company. This company works for preserving biodiversity, managing agricultural activities and exporting products outside the Nepal. Regarding social media he is the Admin of a facebook group of members more than 2.5K mostly Physicists and active youth where they  discuss the innovations and ideas. He is also a member of Global Hands on Universe(GHOU) founded in USA.He also teaches Physics, chemistry, mathematics and currently teaching masters level physics in Proacademy a youtube channel.Along with his co-ordination Central Department of Physics wins third Geo-science exhibition for the first time. To know more about Public Administration and managing public he is also currently doing a Masters in Public Administration at Tribhuvan University. He has knowledge in Scientific programming, python, Mathematica, Quantum-ESPRESSO, salsa-j and many more useful software.He attended many scientific  national and international conferences and has presented many ideas for the development of science and technology. He loves to meditate and has taken 10 days course in Vipassana Meditation for 3 times at Shivapuri National Park.

He is a school and high school college topper of his batch and has won many awards as best speaker.He also worked as english department manager in online news portal named for 2 years.He worked as vice president in organisation named Social Volunteer against AIDS( SOVA) for 2 years in Jhapa district of Nepal  and led many youth in organising Red cross society programme totally related to fighting against Depression, blood donation, girls trafficking cleanliness of the community and many more.Under his leadership Marathon and public speaking course was successfully conducted for youth at different colleges and school under the organisation named “Sachet Yuva Nepal”(SYN). He also worked as an active member and volunteer to conduct successfully the programme of Model United Nation(MUN) held at kathmandu at Saurya international College in the year 2015. Due to this experience he is confidence to conduct and executes important design for the innovation and leadership lab. EWC and Everest Innovation Lab(EIL) can  do much more work easily here in Nepal with his collaboration as he always insist on transparency , innovative ideas,good leadership, friendly environment ,Patriotism,good governance and many more.He wants to connect with innovative minds globally and share ideas and experiences for the prosperous world.