Nisha Paudel ( a Nepali Physicist. She has received  master’s degree in physics from Prithivi Narayan Campus,Pokhara,Nepal.she has a good academic results in her academic journey.Although she has not done thesis in her program,she has given paper in Astrophysics and Plasma physics.But,in coming days she has plans to do research mainly in astrophysics.she spent many years as a science teacher in different school.she is a self-motivated,dedicated,responsible and honest person.she has attended and volunteered in many  workshops, conferences and exhibitions.

Currently,she is involved in one organization named Nepalese Society for women in physics(NSWIP).she is also in board member of this organization.she has also attended International conference of women in physics in Kathmandu University(2019).she is also a member of Nepal Physical Society(NPS).She has received many awards in science related exhibition in school days.she is also a  social worker.she has solved many problems,issues related to her society by creating awareness.she aims to actively involve in programs related to science and technology and also work for the development of country.she also inspire her students in pursuing academic excellence.she thinks that meditation is a good way to reduce stress and bring positive vibes.So,she loves to meditate and enjoyed travelling,reading novels and swimming.