Mr. Kisan Khatri ( is currently an M. Sc. Physics student of final semester at Central Department of Physics and also a  second year student of BALLB (Law) in Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He is a young scientist. He has done researches in Radiation Physics, Atmospheric Physics, Astronomy, Seismology and Condensed Matter Physics including Quantum Mechanics. He has done an experimental research for the study of solar radiation of Kathmandu valley by using Poor’s Man Pyranometer and this Poor’s man Pyranometer has made by himself first time in the history of Nepal. He has carried out a computational research in the Global Solar Radiation (GSR) of Pokhara valley. He has done some theoretical projects in Astronomy as well. Currently he is doing research in Condensed Matter Physics in which he is studying the effects of defects in electronic and magnetic properties of Hexagonal Boron Nitride (h-BN) using DFT approach with Quantum-ESPRESS as a computational tool. 

Mr. Khatri has given many scientific talk  and poster presentation of his research items in national and international scientific conferences. He is good in Python and Fortran. He is expert in the tools like Mathematica, Latex, and Quantum-ESPRESSO (QE). He has attended, organized and volunteered many scientific workshops, conferences and exhibitions. He is a former student of Second Kathmandu Astrophysics School, 2018. His project led his team to be the winner of Third Geo-Science Exhibition ,2019 held in Nepal. He has good academics result throughout his academic journey till now. He has awarded by many awards as he is always the topper in his school and sometimes in college level. He also has been rewarded by many public awards during his public programs. He is engaged in many organizations. He is also a social activist. He has been leading social groups having thousands of members.

Besides these, mr. Khatri is a public figure with multidimensional personality. He is also a political leader and has very good  skill of managing any projects and programs of any fields. Hi is a member of National Youth Parliament-Nepal,2019 (NYP-Nepal,2019) in which he has been selected in 165 youths from many thousands of applications and  is very responsible and honest on his duty. He is the vice president of Nepali Patriotic Youth Society (NPYS). He also teaches Physics and mathematics in different colleges. Actually he is a dreamer. He is a nationalist youth motivator, public innovator, media personality, Anchor, a growing literature, Agog Researcher, coeval Analyzer, singer, RJ, VJ and entrepreneur as well. He is also a contemporary  analyzer of his country regarding the current socio-economic and political scenario. His articles are always covering by social medias. 

He is a motivational speaker and continuously organizing and conducting public programs in schools, colleges and public places. He shares his ideas and positive opinions to the public for the good-governance. He believes in truth, transparency, accountability and unbiasedness. He is a good team worker, fast learner,planner and thinker having positive and leading attitude with great determination and strong assertive voice. As he is a nationalist  motivational speaker and patriotic leader, he is continuously spreading many positive things for his nation and focuses his opinions for the role of youths to energize how can they contribute to the society and nation.

Mr. khatri has dream to work in collaboration with people of global community involving in the fields of science and technology as well as in the socio-economic and political system to help, conduct and coordinate each other in many issues for the true  prosperity through good-governance.