Geeta (Sangita) grew up in Khairahani, Chitwan enjoying the natural beauty of flora and fauna of  Chitwan National Park . She was very active in different organizations since her high school. She served as a scout member in high school and won multiple awards and prizes in athletics and for academic excellence. She came to Kathmandu in 2016. She is currently pursuing bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in Tribhuvan University with minor in Mathematics and Geology . She enjoys hiking , trekking,  spending time in natural beauty. She also likes to do adventurous things such as bungee jump, paragliding, skydiving etc. She is very enthusiastic to learn about nanotechnology and its power to revolutionize medical science and material science. She is also concerned about global warming and wants to do research in renewable energy. She has attended and volunteered in many workshops, conferences and exhibition. Currently she is working with professor Jyoti Giri in Tribhuvan University for her undergraduate research work.