Education: PhD, Engineering.  Project Management Specialization (2001) Faculty of Engineering. University of Calgary, Calgary Alberta, Canada; MSc. Natural Resource Management (1995. University of Calgary, Calgary Alberta, Canada; BA, Environment and Psychology (1993), University of Victoria, BC.; Victoria, Victoria BC. Canada. B.A (Ed)  Kinesiology (Human Performance) (1988). University of Victoria, BC, Canada.

Although she spent better part of my life in poverty her dreams were bigger than the barriers. Experiences over the years taught her a great deal about survival – and most importantly – what it takes to break dysfunctional belief systems, become empowered,  and to embrace my value. Naturally curious, Dr. Connie Delisle was drawn to the sciences and inquiry into studying the philosophical nature of reality and challenging the status quo. This led her through an academic journey to discover the entanglement of natural, built and chaotic systems. As diverse is her career, initially focused on solid and liquid waste management in British Columbia’s regional government, and then to healthy, safety and environment for several oil and gas companies in Alberta. A move to Canada’s National Capital in 2001 resulted in contributing 17-years to the federal government in roles such as preparing sustainability strategies, retooling governance systems, and operationalizing corporate accountability. As a trusted advisor in the Canadian Security and Intelligence community for over a decade, she provided policy and operations support for events ranging from terrorist threats, cyber-attacks, civil unrest, pandemics, floods and fires. 

In 2017 she started Storyline, a social impact business to curate resources, disrupt bureaucratic systems and create community capacity to improve systems that support healthy, lovable and livable communities. In Covid 19, she is pivoting Storyline to a Registered Charity. True to her Native American roots, she continues to study alchemy on the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path as a means to awaken inner freedom, connection and knowingness.