Balaram Regmi ( is a M.Sc. Physics student in the Central Department of Physics Studies at Tribhuvan University. He is doing his thesis on Density Functional Theory to find the electronic, magnetic and physical properties of different alloys. Over these years, he is studying quantum field theory, solid state physics, particle physics. He has over 5 years experience as a science teacher. He also has a good knowledge on LATEX, UNIX system, Fortran Programming, Python programming etc.

Mr. Regmi holds his bachelor’s degree in physics from Tri-Chandra multiple campus Kathmandu. He was Participated in International Conference on Nanosciences and high Energy Physics (2019) and on the super-computer and parallel programming in kathmandu university(2019). Very recently he had Conducted a case study on electrical safety practices in Kathmandu. Mr. Regmi is a talented researcher, a dedicated youth leader in his community, and a strong voice for youth science and youth empowerment on the national and international stage.