Ankit Khanal is a Computer Engineer and very innovative young man in the field of Space Science and STEM in Nepal.He has a lot of experiences regarding space science and its scope.He has been involved in many Space related organizations as an influensive character representing Nepal.He is first ever Nation Coordinator For Nepal at NASA JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) for their events.

He has been contributing as IAU(International Astronomical Union) Dark Skies Ambassador for Nepal. He is also Student Space Ambassador at The Mars Generation(TMG)for Nepal not only that he has been contributing in many other sector like: UNOOSA(United Nation Office For Outer Space Affairs),SGAC(Space Generation Advisory Council),IAF(International Astronautical Federation),NESRA(Nepalese Space Research Association) and many more.Currently he is writing a research article on “Current Situation of Space Science in Nepal and Peoples thinking perception on Space Exploration”.He is well known for his participation in STEM related activities.He is also a verified Webinar Instructor by NASA STEM EPDC(Educator Professional Development Collaborative).He has completed two days webinar course on “Using NASA EOS Data To Predict,Monitor,AND Respond To Vector-Borne And Water Related Disease” at GPM(Global Precipitation Measurement). He has a sound knowledge of Environmental Science, Politics, Programming,Webinar conduction.