Overall Initiatives

  • Improving initiatives in cross-cultural sectors which includes health science, energy, space research and development, environment, forestry and social science targeted to the specific problems and communities 
  • Prioritizing activities towards regional and community focused solutions, and bringing the  applications to the communities both in local and global context in the area of health, energy, environment, waste management, and even in food sector and space research. 


Everest Innovation Lab LLC is a registered organization in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our goal is to create a unique platform for students and professionals in education and space industry.


To create an integrated curriculum, develop systems, awareness about satellites and space, Virtual Moonbase, Mars VR, and conduct various 2-4 weeks Analog Astronaut Training Programs.


  • Develop digital STEM curriculum (e.g. Moon 101, Mars 101), teach, inspire, engage and outreach
  • Select schools to participate in the ARISS project to talk with astronauts on the International Space Station
  • Utilize ISS National Lab resources to develop Analog Astronaut Training Program and facilities